WordPress Bad value category tag for attribute rel on element a



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12 Responses

  1. Perfect!
    Many thanks for sharing i hate when my site does not validate and this tip has saved me a lot of time.
    All the best,

  2. Anon Anon says:

    very helpful article , thanks 🙂

  3. Strike Strike says:

    Thanks a lot for your help, it works ! 😀

  4. Lionpath Lionpath says:

    Thanks a lot.
    Works well. Now we only need to convince the WordPress team to fix the source of the problem, so we don’t have to re-apply the fix on each update.

  5. Chris Chris says:

    Just remember that there is no actual need to do this as the category tag is a valid link type extension (see here for a full list: http://microformats.org/wiki/existing-rel-values#HTML5_link_type_extensions). The W3C validator is probably not up to date, but they will fix this soon I guess.

    • Jules Jules says:

      Hi Chris,

      Yes that might be true. I agree with this. But until it hasn’t fixed, this is the solution to fix the error message in w3c, if you intend to get a successful site validation for w3c validation banners e.g.

  6. Sau Hi Sau Hi says:

    I used W3C HTML validation to validate my site, I got 1 warning but do not know how to fix it. Please help me.

    Does WordPress fix this error in WP 3.6?

  7. Bi0 Bi0 says:

    Many thanks for your advice! It works! 🙂 I’m glad that I’ve found your article on Google.

  8. mydeadpixel mydeadpixel says:

    Nice one mate!

    I’ve got the w3c validation Nazi’s on my back and this sorted it right out!!


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