Configure zfs to start before proxmox or openstack

Configure zfs to start before proxmox or openstack

configure zfs to start before proxmox or openstackIf you followed my previous articles: Native ZFS for Linux on Proxmox or Native ZFS for Linux on Openstack and encountered some problem that daemons seems fail to start on server boot up, it could be that the zfs mounting process starting to late. In this article i will explain you how to Configure zfs to start before proxmox or openstack.

This effect causing services accessing the zfs mounts won’t start properly.

Your zfs init script have to be fixed to run really before all other init scripts getting executed.

So this is what we gonna do now.


  • /etc/init.d/zfs lsb script
  • text editor to modify lsb script
  • command insserv


Modify your /etc/init.d/zfs with your favored text editor that it look like this:

# Provides: zfs
# Required-Start: mountkernfs $local_fs
# Required-Stop: $local_fs
# X-Start-Before: console-setup networking
# Default-Start:     S
# Default-Stop:      0 6
# Should-Stop:
# Short-Description: Mount/umount the zfs filesystems
# Description: ZFS is an advanced filesystem designed to simplify managing
#              and protecting your data.  This service mounts the ZFS
#              filesystems and starts all related zfs services.

Some notes: I’ve added the required-start mountkernfs $local_fs changed the required-stop $local_host the x-start-before: console-setup networking
Most important change is the default-start to value: S and default-stop to value: 0 6
so zfs init will execute in a very early stage of booting before all the network and console stuff.

After you have fixed the lines you need to reinit the lsb script by running:

insserv zfs

And that should do it.

Finally restart your system to see if the script is starting correct.

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