LVM on top of linux zfs to use Openstack with nova-volume



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  1. Lorin Hochstein Lorin Hochstein says:

    Have you tried using the native ZFS backend for cinder? It’s called the SolarisISCSIDriver. I’m not sure whether it actually works for ZFS for Linux or if it depends on some pieces that are Solaris-specific:

    • Jules Jules says:

      Hi Lorin,

      yes i did tried this driver some times before but it was very buggy and not reliable enough.
      I’m gonna check if that have changed today.

      • Lorin Hochstein Lorin Hochstein says:

        If you do encounter bugs, please let me know. I’d like to add a section in the OpenStack documentation about running the ZFS backend with Linux, but I have no idea whether it actually works or not.

        • rkaw92 rkaw92 says:

          w00t, thread necro!
          If you’re still interested in the Solaris iSCSI SAN driver, I can confirm that its quality in upstream is indeed bad.
          However, you should be able to use the fixed drivers from our cinder fork as a temporary solution:

          (Specifically, we have patched the san and the solaris drivers. Both were buggy and both are used when connecting to ZFS hosts such as Solaris 11 and OpenIndiana. Note that they require SunOS-specific tools, so they will not work on Linux since it lacks STMF and RBAC, among others. Tested on OpenIndiana 151a8 only. Consult a doctor or read the brochure before use. May contain Pythons.)

          We plan to push the updated drivers to mainstream – trying to make sense of OpenStack’s code review / patch system at the moment.

  2. Blogs Blogs says:

    And just what is the point of this? Would you put this into production? I wouldn’t. ZFS on Linux? Stop kidding yourself. For ZFS in production there is only Solaris 11, so you have support just in case it goes belly up.

    • Jules Jules says:

      ZFSonLinux is a Native port of Solaris version. It supports the same Pool features, so i see no reason why not to try and use it. Since im working with it, it works flawless on my servers and if you ask me it doesn’t make really no difference which OS it’s running on if the port translation is implented well like the project maintainer done it. Btrfs which comes from Oracle and was praised as ZFS alternative isn’t even suitable (buggy/instable/crap) although it was exclusive intended for linux. So there are no alternatives but since zfsonlinux is running that good i don’t really care and need no alternatives.
      Btw. Not just Solaris 11 supports production ready ZFS and if you ask me, solaris isn’t solaris anymore since SUN was bought from Oracle.
      There are also other great OSes which have production ready ZFS support like: FreeBSD which i preffer, OpenSolaris, Illumos, and SmartOS (Illumos fork).

    • Jules Jules says:

      Btw: ZFSOnLinux has just reached the “wide scale deployment” status.
      Which means it’s not experimental anymore.

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