Create kFreeBSD USB-Stick



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12 Responses

  1. eddie eddie says:

    Does not work

    • Jules Jules says:

      Hi Eddie,

      can you explain this a little bit more. What have you tried to do and what exactly does not work. Not booting the USB Stick, Installer fails?

  2. qwe qwe says:

    It gives kernel panic when I try to boot from USB.

    • Jules Jules says:

      Hi Qwe,

      can you tell me what kernel panic error message you get?
      Have you tried to boot the USB-Stick via UEFI or old MBR method?

      • qwe qwe says:

        It wasn’t kernel panic, the error is “Fatal trap 12: Page fault within kernel mode”, then it reboots. This is after choosing the installation method.

        I guess I’m booting from MBR, sinse I’ve never heard of UEFI and this machine is rather old (~6 years old).

  3. Gonzalo Gonzalo says:

    TIo esto no tira ni para atrás, ni usando dd, ni usando unetbooting y la explicación del manual es demasiado pobre y genérica, empiezo a sospechar que nadie sabe instalarlo.


  4. Gonzalo Gonzalo says:

    sorry I forgot that this is in english, that doesn’t work and my Bios does not let me config ACPI and unetbooting doesn’t work too

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