WordPress ping list tested



Jules is the owner and author of ISPIRE.ME. He's a Linux System Engineer, Tech fanatic and an Open Source fan.

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9 Responses

  1. ReMoviews ReMoviews says:

    Thanks for the lists 🙂

  2. Narco Narco says:

    Thank you for this list, very usefull.

  3. pcdokterpro pcdokterpro says:

    Hi man! Very nice article. i’m going to test it on my website

    I hope it works!

  4. Bhavik Bhavik says:

    nice list thanks for share this, i can ping more sites now

  5. Bevan Joyce Bevan Joyce says:

    Thanks for this list! Now I can add it to my WordPress pinglist.

  6. adorenews adorenews says:

    Can anyone tell me, how about if we use too many ping server ?
    Can we get banned if we do that?
    Thanks for sharing this

    • Jules Jules says:


      the answer is NO since Ping Servers doesn’t know about each other.
      The only case for getting banned by ping server is if you try to ping the same servers twice within a short range.
      So this is the fact why we should use Ping Optimizer.

  7. قوالب ووردبريس قوالب ووردبريس says:

    thanks alot but you sure improve the crwalto google realy

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