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Monitoring your network with Observium



Jules is the owner and author of ISPIRE.ME. He's a Linux System Engineer, Tech fanatic and an Open Source fan.

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  1. rizwan rizwan says:

    Plz share the Minimum Hardware requirements at the server for plotting graphs.

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    • Jules Jules says:

      Hi Rizwan,

      The plotting is done by rrdtool and graphviz. Observium hasn’t released any minimum requirements yet.
      That really depends on how many host machines you are going to monitor, how often your poller is going to collect data and your mysql/disk i/o.
      But o well you can adjust observium to your hardware requirement by reducing the parallel poller tasks, putting RRDs to RAM-Disk or Memcached e.g if you encountered any bottlenecks.

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  2. rizwan rizwan says:

    hey Jules,

    thanks for replying, I am newbie so plz don’t mind if i ask unnecessary questions can you plz gudie me abt below mentioned details

    – IPSLA MIB support
    – QOS/COS support
    – Format of files relaed to data of graphs
    – VPN/neighbour prefix details
    – Status of Routing protocols

    -How much of Hardware requirement will be needed for monitoring of about 50
    Routers along with 150 L3/L2 switches considering polling time for about 5
    min. As an average routers have about 20 ports nd L3 switches with about 40
    ports eachs, nd layer switches have 25 ports.

    – How actually network discovery works for observium ? I mean do I have
    to just enable SNMP with same community and same Snmp version on all my
    devices so that observium can discover my whole network and does observium
    also show me the whole map for my network ( connectivity b/w my devices)
    and most important do i need to make any device as Seed device for my
    network ? from which it will automatically penetrate to whole
    network…Further more after discovering of my device can i filter those
    graphs so that I can only plot useful or main graphs

    – Can I also make groups to those graphs I mean is it possible that I
    can make a separate tab for my roters and the n separate tab for switches

    Thanks and Regards

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    • Jules Jules says:

      It’s hard to tell generally how much Hardware is required for your setup.

      Observium comes with autodiscovery feature but has not yet be fully implemented. The easiest way to discover new devices is by enabling a unique community group on all your devices. snmpv3 auth is also possible.
      After adding your device you can choose yourself what needs to be ploted and which service should not be tracked.

      There are several groups you can attach devices to. Like grouping Loadbalancers, Servers,Network,Firewalls e.g.

      I recommend you to check out their demo at: http://demo.observium.org/
      There you’ll get an overview about all possibilities.


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  3. cindy cindy says:


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